The Beard Grooming Tips: How to Maintain a Great Looking Beard

Beard has found its way into the top beauty trends for men. Whether you are trying to grow facial hair or are already a proud owner of a fully grown beard, beard care is essential for personal grooming. It is super easy for your beard to look unruly and unclean, so it requires consistent proper care to keep it healthy, manageable and looking its best. Here are some beard grooming tips that help maintain your facial hair. 

Wash Your Beard

The morning routine of most men includes a quick splash of water over their faces.  Unfortunately, if you are one of those men, you will notice that your beard gets oily, and the hair starts to fall out. This is because dirt, oil, germs, pollution, and dead skin cells get trapped in the beard. If you do not wash the pollutants away, they can clog your pores and irritate your skin. 

Some men use soap to wash their facial hair. The ingredients in the soap strip away the natural moisture of skin and hair and cause flaking. Your beard needs a moisturizing cleanser to stay healthy.  

Always use a gentle cleanser without sulfates or phthalates to keep your beard clean and healthy.  In addition, you can try the Unearthed Beard & Face Wash, which is specially formulated to cleanse your facial hair without stripping away the natural moisture. The argan extract and aloe vera are the key ingredients that nourish your skin and beard. The woody masculine scent mesmerizes your senses, while the gentle formula fulfils your beard care needs. 

Use the Beard Oil

Beard oil is a perfect product to hydrate your facial hair and underneath the skin. However, you must check the beard oil you are choosing does not contain silicon because it is the ingredient that masks dry hair without actually conditioning the hair. Always go for a beard oil with natural ingredients, premium essential oils, and extracts. 

Beard oil tames the hair into place and locks in moisture. It prevents itching, controls flakes and dandruff, and maintains follicle health. Unearthed Face & Beard Oil has a unique blend of natural oils, including argan and black seed oil. It not only moisturizes skin and hair but promotes the healthy growth of facial hair and prevents flaking, and adds shine. The lightweight texture absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. 

The proper time to apply beard oil is after a shower, so the extra moisture from the air can get trapped in hair follicles. Apply a few drops of it on your hands, spread, and apply evenly on your beard and moustache. 

Men with thick and long beards require some extra oil to nourish and tame their facial hair. You can use it according to your beard needs. Anyhow, you should use it regularly. Avoid using beard styling products with chemicals because they can irritate the skin underneath. 

Trim Your Beard

Trimming is essential to keep your beard looking healthy and fabulous. You can use a  pair of scissors, a beard trimmer, or go to a barbershop weekly to adjust the uneven patches, and long spots, or remove the split ends. A slight trim from time to time is always a  smart idea. It keeps your beard under control. 

Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

Every man is unique, and so is his beard. A great beard should follow a natural hairline, and its shape should complement your face. Go to an experienced barber to determine which style fits your personality and looks.  

Use a Beard Brush

Just like the hair on your head requires brushing, your beard needs it too. The brush or comb keeps your hair in one area, removes the dead hair, dirt, and grime, and allows you to shape and style as you want. 

The Beard Brush helps you tame hair and distribute the beard oil evenly. It is best to use it after taking a shower. Start brushing using a lifting motion and finish with the downward movement to bring your hair in the right direction and tame the strays. 

Use a Beard Defining Tool

The beard-defining tool is a revolutionary product that helps achieve a more defined and fuller looking beard. In addition, you can use it to fill out the sparse patches to achieve a more naturally groomed and polished look. 

Try unearthed two-sided Beard Definer to make your beard look great. It has a blendable, long-wearing formula that looks extremely natural and provides instant results. Apply the short strokes along the direction of beard growth and blend with the brush side. We assure you that everyone will admire the natural, fuller look you will achieve with it. 

Do Not Touch Your Beard Too Much

When you start to grow the facial hair, it is natural that you will likely touch it repeatedly. And that is not a good thing. Dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants you gather on your hands can transfer to your beard and leads to itching and irritation.  

Be Patient with Your Beard Growth

Everyone has a different growth speed and direction of growth. So be patient with your own unique growth cycle. For example, if you have just made up your mind to grow your beard, let it grow for 4-6 weeks without trimming or styling. Then go to a professional to style it.  

Don’t forget your body needs a proper diet and nutrients for healthy growth. Maintaining a  balanced diet and exercise contributes significantly to improving your skin and hair.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining a great beard can be challenging initially and take a little more time than you would expect. Just be patient and follow a proper routine and the right beard care products to make your manly thing a source of pride and confidence.

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