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  • Definition Brow £22

    Cleanse, mapping, tint, wax, trim, tweeze, and finish. (45 mins)

  • Precision Tint Brow £22

    Cleanse, mapping, precision tint application, wax, trim, tweeze finish. This treatment gives a stronger skin stain. (45 mins)

  • HD Sculpt £38

    This is a lamination brow using the HD brand. (45 mins)

  • HD Brow Stay (Hybrid Brow) £30

    Cleanse, mapping, tint, wax, trim, tweeze and finish. (30 mins)

  • HD Sculpt with HD Brow Stay £43

    This is a lamination brow treatment using the HD brand with the HD brow Stay (Hybrid Tint) for a longer lasting stain on the hair & skin. (1 hr)

  • Precision Wax £10

    Cleanse, mapping, and wax. (15 mins)

  • Lamination Maintenance £18

    Wax, tint & tidy of laminated brows. (30 mins)

  • Male Brow £16

    Wax, tidy, and trim, perfect for our male clients. (30 mins)

  • Teen Brows up to Age 16 £15

    Includes exfoliation, mapping, HD hybrid tint, trimming, tweezing & finishing. Perfect for sparse brows or clients who require a longer skin stain. (45 mins)

  • Underarm Wax £14

    All hair is removed from the underarm area. (30 mins)

  • The Basic Bikini £18

    The underwear is left on and any hair that grows outside the knicker line is removed. (30 mins)

  • The Brazilian £35

    All hair is removed from the pubic area with a landing strip left on the pubic mound. (45 mins)

  • The Hollywood £35

    All hair is removed from the pubic area. (45 mins)

  • Makeup Application & Lashes £37

    Makeup application of choice includes complimentary lashes. (1 hr)

  • 1-1 Adult Makeup Lesson £95

    Covering one full look of choice from start to finish. (2 hrs)

  • 1-1 Teen Makeup Lesson £70

    Covering one full look of choice from start to finish. (2 hrs)

  • Makeup Bag Edit & Consultation £60

    A bespoke service that will teach you how to choose products for your specific needs, lifestyle and budget. It also comes with a full list of product recommendations, including tools to purchase. (1 hr via Email)

  • Makeup Bag Edit, Consultation & 2 Hours Lesson £110

    This is the ultimate package for anyone that needs to update their makeup skills, makeup bag and product knowledge. (3 hrs)

  • Lashlift & Tint £38

    Curls, defines, and lifts your own lashes. Treatment lasts 6-8 weeks. (1 hr)

  • Lash Tint £8

    Applied to your lashes to achieve a darker look and more defined lash. (15 mins)

  • Natural Facelift Facial £55

    Includes cleanse, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage & deep tissue massage to manipulate the facial muscles and give the face a more lifted appearance. Great for boosting circulation and waking up our own collagen. (1 hr)

  • Lip Wax £8

    Hair removal from the upper lip using soft wax. (15 min)

  • Chin Wax £10

    Hair removal from the chin area using soft wax. (15 min)

  • Epionce Signature Facial £45

    A hands-on facial that is individually tailored to suit your needs. Epionce products optimise the skin's natural function, reversing the signs of ageing and correcting any skin imbalance. Complete with a deep cleanse, relaxing face, neck and head massage and an intensely hydrating facial mask and more. (45 mins)

  • Epionce Lite Refresh Peel £65

    This is an ideal treatment for clients who are new to peels or want a lighter peel or a one off booster treatment with no down time. This peel enhances hydration, encourages cell turnover and gives a brighter smoother appearance without peeling or flaking. Suitable for even sensitive skin types. (You must have had an epionce signature facial with myself before booking the refresh peel). (45 mins)

  • Full Body Spray Tan £22

    (30 mins)

  • Half Body £11

    (30 mins)

  • Lift & Sculpt Package £65

    HD Sculpt (Lamination) + Lashlift & Tint + Lip or Chin Wax. (1:15 hr)

  • Lashlift & Tint + Definition Brow £55

    Lashlift & Tint: Curls, defines, and lifts your own lashes. Definition Brow: Cleanse, mapping, tint, wax, trim, tweeze, and finish. (1:30 hr)

When I did the 5-week makeup course with Nicola I learned an unbelievable amount of knowledge about makeup, from how to apply it properly to what products work best and the importance of hygiene! After completing the course I now feel confident to do different looks and I'm now comfortable doing makeup on other people. I enjoyed learning with Nicola and looked forward to learning something new each week.

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If you struggle with applying your own makeup or need to learn some new skills and techniques a 1-1 lesson is perfect. You can add a makeup bag edit to this which is the ultimate package combining makeup bag knowledge, product recommendations and hands on makeup skills. Alternatively if it’s a career in makeup artistry you aspire for then look no further than the 5 week makeup artistry course. Its a game changer.
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